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What is the plan for the Philadelphia 76ers for the 2012-2013 season?

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  • The Philadelphia 76ers had a nice run in the 2012 playoffs by advancing to the second round and taking the Boston Celtics to 7 games before losing.
  • Still, the Philadelphia 76ers 2012 playoff run is also fool’s gold.
  • If the Chicago Bulls had not lost Derek Rose and Joakim Noah to injury, the Philadelphia 76ers would not have made it out of the first round.
  • The Boston Celtics lost their starting shooting guard in Avery Bradley to injury and Ray Allen was a shell of his former self due to injury and still the 76ers lost to the Celtics.
  • The Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, New York Knicks, Atlanta Hawks, and Brooklyn Nets are all more talented than the 76ers.
  • So what is the Philadelphia 76ers plan in the off-season?
  • There are two things that the Philadelphia 76ers can do to improve in the off-season: trade Andre Iguodala and amnesty Elton Brand.
  • The number one issue that the Philadelphia 76ers have is that they cannot consistently score in the half-court.
  • The 76ers do not have a go to scorer, they do not have an inside scoring presence, and they do not have good perimeter shooting.  So how can they address these needs?
  • First, unfortunately for the 76ers, I do not think they are going to able to get the premiere go to scorer that they need.   I do not see one available to the Sixers in a trade and I do not see one coming to the Sixers in free agency.
  • The first thing that the Philadelphia 76ers will do in the off-season is their due diligence.  They will check with the Orlando Magic on a Dwight Howard trade and they will check with Deron Williams on him coming to Sixers.  Still, I do not see either one of these things happening.
  • There are also some attractive restricted free agents that such as Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson, however, since they are restricted free agents, they will most likely be hard to get.
  • The first realistic thing I see the 76ers doing is proposing to trade Andre Iguodala to the Los Angeles Lakers for Pau Gasol.  Pau Gasol is on the trading block.  Pau Gasol’s value has diminished some by a poor playoff performance.  The Lakers could use Andre Iguodala’s athleticism and defense and he is younger than Gasol.  I think a Pau Gasol-Andre Iguodala trade is not out of the question.  Still, there will be a lot of teams vying for Pau Gasol and the Sixers may not be able to get him.  The Lakers might want more than just Iguodala, such as Jrue Holiday or Evan Turner, and I am not sure that the Sixers will be willing to trade one of their younger players for a 30 year old Gasol who might be past his prime.
  • Another potential trade is an Andre Iguodala-Al Jefferson trade.  The Utah Jazz have Paul Millsap, Derrick Favors, and Enes Kanter in addition to Al Jefferson in their front court.  The Utah Jazz could use Andre Igoudala’s skills at small forward.  Still, while an Al Jefferson for Andre Iguodala trade makes sense, I am guessing that the Utah Jazz are not going to trade their leading scorer.
  • Ersan Ilyasova is an unrestricted free agent from the Milwaukee Bucks.  Ilyasova is power forward who shot 49 percent from the field and 45 percent from the three point line.  Ilaysova is 24 years old.  Assuming that the 76ers do not have the cap space to sign him outright, I could see the 76ers trading Andre Igoudala to the Milwaukee Bucks in a sign and trade for Ilyasova.  While I doubt Milwaukee wants to lose Ilyasova, the Bucks could use Andre Igoudala’s skill set and if Ilayasova wants to leave, Andre Igoudala would be a good consolation prize.
  • The 76ers were at their best this year when Spencer Hawes played well at center.  Unfortunately for the 76ers, Spencer Hawes did not play well often enough.  Chris Kaman is an unrestricted free-agent.  Chris Kaman can do everything that Spencer Hawes can do and he can do it much more consistently.   Chris Kaman is 30 years old so he should still have some years left.  I could see the 76ers using the amnesty clause on Elton Brand and bringing in Chris Kaman.
  • Therefore, I could see the following starting line-up for the 76ers in the 2012-2013 season:  Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner, Thad Young, Ersan Ilyasova, and Chris Kaman.  The team would still be relatively young.  Ilyasova would improve their outside shooting.  They could run the offense through Chris Kaman through the high post like they now do with Spencer Hawes.  And the 76ers can hope that True Holiday and Evan Turner can keep developing.  The Sixers could bring back Lou Williams for instant offense off the bench.  LaVoy Allen looks like he can be a contributing back-up power forward.  They would also have last year’s first round pick Nic Vucevic, this year’s draft picks, and other low-cost free agents for depth.

Written by tothepointsports

May 27, 2012 at 2:37 pm